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Do you have a desire for your degree at Oxford University? Well, it is time to turn your dream into a reality as Oxford University is giving high-potential students a chance to gain international  Scholarships.

Several Oxford colleges offer Reach Oxford Scholarships to students from developing countries who, for political or financial reasons, are not privileged to have access to education and cannot study for a degree in their own countries.


About Oxford  University

Are you still contemplating on whether to choose oxford or not? here is a brief history of oxford university which will serve as an eye opener for you.

Firstly, Oxford University is United Kingdom’s most distinguished institution. They offer a wonderful and unique university experience to students from all over the world.

It was established in 1096, it is the oldest university in English speaking world due to the date of its establishment

Secondly, The institution is currently the first choice of most international students. Every year, thousands of students go there to experience the quality education that the university has to offer.

Furthermore, the university is making significant contributions to society through its inspiring education.

According to the QS World University Ranking, it is ranked 2 among the top universities in the world.

Thirdly, Oxford has a distinctive collegiate structure. The university gives full benefit of being both a member of the University and a college to the students.



The colleges and the University work together to organize teaching and research, and many staff at Oxford will hold both college and University posts.

About the scholarship

This scholarship covers Tuition and college fees, a grant for living expenses, and one return air fare per year.

Most Importantly, The scholarship duration is 3 or 4 years depending on course length.


Candidates are to fulfill these few criteria for this scholarship award. These requirements include ;

  • Applicants must be nationals of countries that receive official development assistance from the Development Assistance Committee (DAC) of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD).
  • All applicants must be international students.
  • This scholarship is open to all areas of study except medicine.
  • It is only open to undergraduates, that is, this scholarship excludes postgraduate and master’s students.
  • Some colleges don’t award scholarships, if admitted into any you can still apply for the scholarship and be transferred upon successful application.
  • This scholarship is for candidates who have received an offer and are of high academic ability.
  • Financial need and social commitment are also major criteria for selection.
  • Applicants should return to their country of ordinary residence following their studies.
  • Priority will be given to students who have not studied at the undergraduate level before.

How to apply for Reach Oxford Scholarship

  • The entrance for the 2021 scholarship application is closed, as a result of this, 2022 reach Oxford scholarship will start up in 2022.
  • The Details on how to apply for the 2022 entry will be available on this page in January 2022.
  • The application process for the oxford scholarship award will be posted on the UK.

Please note

Scholars will be expected to write an annual report about their academic and social activities, and achievements at the University.

Receipt of the award in subsequent years is subject to satisfactory academic progress.

Applicants should be aware that competition for the scheme is very high and the University does not have additional funding for those candidates who are not offered a scholarship.

If you hold an offer for deferred entry for an undergraduate course at Oxford, and you want to apply for a scholarship, please apply for the scholarship in January when you will start your Oxford course.

We can only consider applications for undergraduate scholarships once.

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