Top 5 International Scholarships At New Zealand In 2023



Are you Looking for scholarships to study at New Zealand? Let me inform you that New Zealand would be the ideal place to provide you with both a top-notch education and a memorable living experience. The universities in New Zealand are in the top 3% of all universities worldwide (as indicated by the QS University World Rankings).

If you decide to apply for grants to focus overseas in New Zealand, you can even afford the costs of an outstanding way of life. We’ve included the best scholarships for studying in New Zealand in this post.

These scholarships provide students with the chance to pursue a Ph.D. in New Zealand, making the process simple and straightforward for them. There are numerous colleges in New Zealand that acknowledge understudies holding this grant. These grants are granted based on scholarly benefits.

The honor is valid for a considerable length of time and covers full educational expenses, a month-to-month living stipend, a foundation recompense, a movement remittance, a health care coverage stipend, and a book and proposition recompense.



Students who wish to be considered for this scholarship must:

  • Becoming international students
  • Have an “A” average or above in their current studies.
  • Satisfy the requirements for enrollment in a doctorate program at an institution in New Zealand that emphasizes research
  • Provide an Educational Credential Evaluation (ECE) Certificate
  • Provide evidence as proof that the applicant has spoken with the appropriate department at the institution of their choice about the intended study, their areas of interest in research, and the availability of suitable supervision.
  • Proof of English language ability


Tongarewa Scholarships

Tongarewa scholarships are offered by Victoria University of Wellington for study abroad in New Zealand. They help undergraduates develop into well-rounded experts in their fields of study. This is due to the fact that the University of Wellington awards this grant to exceptional students who also have a strong extracurricular background. Victoria University of Wellington expects Tongarewa scholars to participate in extracurricular activities and be equivalent diplomatic representatives.

International students who wish to attend Victoria University of Wellington to complete their Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees may apply for this New Zealand scholarship for overseas students.


  • If you are applying for your first year for an undergraduate course or are seeking admission into a postgraduate course.
  • You should have already received a letter of acceptance from the university before applying for this scholarship.
  • This should be your first time applying and studying at a New Zealand university.
  • You must demonstrate academic excellence in your previous studies.





  • This scholarship may range from NZD 5,000 to NZD 10,000
  • The amount covers a partial tuition fee and is applicable only for 1 year of study.
  • Tongarewa Scholars are guaranteed student accommodation at the Halls of Residence. However, you must submit an application for accommodation for the same.


University Of Auckland Doctoral Scholarships

The University of Auckland is the ideal location if you’re a student looking forward to doing your research and pursuing your Ph.D. studies in New Zealand. High-achieving applicants who are accepted to the University of Auckland are given doctoral scholarships. The value of these scholarships for overseas students to study in New Zealand is $28,500/year, including mandatory fees and travel insurance.

Both domestic and foreign students who pay the same tuition as domestic students are given access to it. The scholarship is available for a 36-month term. Excellent academic records will automatically qualify you for this award when you apply for the Ph.D. program.


The New Zealand Government Scholarships

The objective of the New Zealand government is to create skilled professionals who will eventually become significant contributors to society. Make sure your field of study reflects the demands of your native nation as a result when you apply for New Zealand Government scholarships.

These study abroad scholarships in New Zealand are available to students pursuing undergraduate or graduate degrees. Agriculture, catastrophe risk reduction, business sector development, public sector development, and other topics may be covered. Students from the commonwealth nations as well as those from Asia, Africa, the Pacific, Latin America, and the Caribbean are eligible for the award.


Eligibility for New Zealand Government Scholarships:

  • The candidate must be 18 years or older while applying for these New Zealand scholarships
  • Although there is no maximum age to apply for this award, applicants under the age of 40 are favored.
  • The stipulations of the New Zealand student visa requirements must be followed.
  • You must already decide on your course of study and subject of study before submitting an application for this award. You don’t have to be enrolled in your course, but you do need to fulfill the university’s minimum standards if you want to apply there.
  • By bypassing the standardized English proficiency examinations, you must also demonstrate your English language skills.
  • You must agree to return to your home country for a minimum period of 2 years. Here, you must agree to contribute to your country’s socio-economic development. This is required to meet the requirements of the scholarships for studying abroad in New Zealand.


New Zealand ASEAN Scholarships

The New Zealand ASEAN Scholarships are offered to Southeast Asian students who want to attend a New Zealand university. With the goal of assisting them in fostering sustainable development in their own nations, the nation provides education to students from the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN).

Who is qualified?

Only if you match the requirements listed below are you qualified to apply for these scholarships for study abroad in New Zealand.

  1. Prior to the start of the scholarship, you must be 18 years old.
  2. You must be a permanent resident or a citizen of one of the SouthEast Nations.
  3. After the scholarship is up, you must consent to a 2-year stay in your home country.
  4. The academic and educational requirements of the institution or college you are applying to must be satisfied. If necessary, English Proficiency Tests (EPTs) must only be taken by scholarship recipients.
  5. Prior to submitting your scholarship application, you must hunt for a supervisor if you’re enrolling in a Ph.D. course.
  6. You need suitable job experience to apply for postgraduate programs. You must be able to articulate how your professional background relates to the course for which you are applying. You must have either 2 years of part-time work experience in a related field or 1 year of related experience working full-time.


What does the scholarship include?

  1. Full tuition fees
  2. The living allowance is paid fortnightly
  3. Medical and travel insurance
  4. Initial expense allowances (deposits, application fees, etc.)
  5. Assistance with thesis and research work costs for research students


Why Apply For Scholarships In New Zealand?

In order to understand the importance of scholarships during your studies, take a look at the chart below that depicts the international students’ spending in New Zealand.


The Top 5 International Scholarships In New Zealand







Citation: ICEF Monitor

International students’ spending in New Zealand has surged by more than 50%, according to an ICEF Monitor poll. The university sector accounts for 27.9% of the costs, with private training establishments (PTE) coming in second. The rest of the funding is split nearly evenly between secondary schools, institutes of technology, polytechnics, and wananga (ITP), English language providers (ELS), and secondary schools.

Your schooling will cost you so much money that keeping up with living expenses can be difficult. For this reason, we advise you to determine your eligibility and submit an application for scholarships to study in New Zealand.





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