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Gentle Jack Bio, Alive or Dead, Age, Education, State of Origin & Net Worth

Gentle Jack Bio, Alive or Dead, Age, Education, State of Origin & Net Worth

What to do you know about the one time vanished Nigerian legendary actor Gentle Jack ? do you really know he is still alive ??

Check some amazing facts about him below.

In this article I’ll tell you in details the biography of this legendary Nigerian actor.

Gentle Jack Bio, Alive or Dead, Age, Education, State of Origin & Net Worth

Gentle Jack Bio, Alive or Dead, Age, Education, State of Origin & Net Worth

Who is Gentle Jack ?

Gentle Jack popularly known as Vuga in a Nigerian movie is an actor, producer, director, philanthropist, bodybuilder and a TV personality.

he is a notorious Nollywood actor, he sets the remarkable record of being the most performing actor in terms of action thriller part in the Nollywood movies. his record of being one of the smartest action films actor is not yet matched not to talk of being broken. this made him one of the most featured actor during the time of his career.

Gentle Jack is one of the few talented actors who made the Nollywood industry as active as it is today. he is best good at performing the Criminal and Hitman role in the movies, in many movies Gentle jack has played the role of arm Robbing, Kidnapping, Warriors, guards and many more. In a nutshell, the actor is a multi talented fellow.

Early Life & Education

The Nigeria legendary actor, Gentle jack is a native of Kalabari Village in River State, Southern Nigeria. although he was born and brought in Lagos state.

Gentle Jack completed both his Nursery and school education in Lagos state. during his primary education which he didn’t complete in Lagos, Gentle Jack relocated back to his hometown in River state where he continues with his primary and secondary school education respectively. he obtained his West African Examination Council (WAEC) result while in River state.

While he was Still in secondary school, Gentle Jack as a passionate aspiring actor was a core member of the Drama club, he would go in length to perform with his co-friends during his secondary school days, he is also a lover of written poems and short written stories of all kinds. his acting career is no doubt a living pillar built right from his childhood days.

From there after obtaining his WASSCE result, Gentle Jack proceeded to Ogun State Polytechnic to pursue his higher education. however it was sad to remark that the actor quits his education in the mid years, although he didn’t disclose the reasons but we know too well that all was not well with him by then.

After quitting from the Polytechnic, he went and enroll himself in Hellymag fitness school where he studied Fitness & Nutation. he is one of the best bodybuilder during his body building days.

How old Is Gentle Jack & what is his state of Origin ?

The renown Nollywood actor, Gentle Jack was born on 20th of November in the year 1970 in his hometown, Kalabari, Rivers state, Southern Nigeria. he is currently 50 years old. he was brought up in Lagos state because following his birth, his parents relocated there.


After Series of hardworking, Gentle Jack in early 1997 made up his mind to join the Nollywood industry. he is one of the pioneer of Nollywood movie producers. having gotten a lot of experience in the field, Gentle Jack was assigned both major and minor roles in his acting profession, Predominantly the Hit man and gangster roles. his first movie was the popular Blood money in which he was featured alongside a co-actor, Peter Edochie. aside that Gentle jack has been featured in many Nollywood movie.

According to him, in an interview with journalist, he was introduced into the Nollywood industry with the help of his well meaning brother, Ghasemi Tariah. within the time of his early acting career, he usually acts the action thriller scenes along with the likes of Sam Dede, Saint Obi, Jim Iyke, and J.T Tom West.

Most of his prominent movies which made him popular include, Vuga, Blood Money, Black Diamond, War Front, The Ghost, Ijele State of Emergency, Light Out and Ebube, to mention but few.

Awards & Filmographies

Gentle Jack is one of the most successful Nigerian actor, for his diligence and explicit spirit of performance he has won a lot of awards both nationally and internationally. some of them are listed below.

• Most Promising Actor in Nigeria at the Africa Movie Academy Awards.

• Abuja carnival king twice and has featured in uncountable number of movies in Nigeria.

• Best Actor of the Year at the City People Entertainment Awards,

•Best Actor in a Leading Role at the Africa Magic Viewers Choice Awards,

•Best Actor in a Supporting Role at the Nigeria Entertainment Awards.

•Best Performing Actor at the Best of Nollywood Movie Awards

Is Gentle Jack Dead ?

Recently due to the Gentle Jack’s sudden dismiss from the Nollywood industry, this literally becomes one of the most asked question about him. many people especially his fans on several occasions has asked whether the Nollywood star is still alive or not.

here i said and i quote, “the legendary Nigerian actor, producer and a film director, Gentle Jack is still alive and healthy ”

Net Worth

Gentle Jack is one of the finest mind actor with multiple career. he is a producer, director, actor, a bodybuilder and entrepreneur, he earn a huge amount of money from his various profession. this makes him one of the most richest Nollywood actor. according to his net worth estimates, he is reportedly worth over $1.3 million.

What more do you know about the Nollywood movie star and you might be willing to tell us ? drop your opinion in the comment section below.

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