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Omah Lay Biography, Career, Age, Girlfriend & Net Worth

Omah Lay Biography, Career, Age, Girlfriend & Net Worth

Do you really wants to know about the youngest Nigerian fresh artiste Omah Lay ? i guess you are because you have come a long way to be serious.

By the time you have read everything which I’ll be providing below in this article, you will not just be surprised, but you’ll be fascinated and impressed as such a young rising star could archive such feast in a short time.

Omah Lay Bio, Career, Fame, Age, Education, Girlfriend & Net Worth

Omah Lay Biography, Career, Age, Girlfriend & Net Worth

Who is Omah Lay ?

I belief many questions have run up in your mind right now and i will answer them below one after the other.

Omah Stanley Didia popularly know as Omah Lay is a Nigerian rising star, basically he is a music producer and a song writer.

Omah Lay is one of the most wonderful artiste in Nigeria due to his fame which spreads rapidly within his short time of joining the music industry.

As a young and upcoming artiste, many people has referred to him as a legend already. his musics are well connected and super cool.

Early life & Career

Omah Lay is one of the luckiest music producer who narrowly escape the part of composing their songs and rising to fame. he started his music production when he was just about 15 years old, literally he started his music career about 7 years back.

During his rising time, Omah Lay used rap at the streets of Marine Base in Port Harcourt city. although the young Omah Lay do not have a bad records of too much hard times in a quest to make his career fits into been.

Omah Lay before becoming a full time music producer was a song writer, according to him, he writes songs for other artiste. he quits that because he was been used and dumped without any credits driven to him at the end of the day. this tempted him to start up his own music career and no doubt it was the most promising decision he ever take.

What is Omah Lay Age ?

The Upcoming Nigerian music producer and song writer, Omah Standley Didia popularly known as Omah Lay was born on 19th of may in 1997. this is to say, the young Omah Lay is still in his 23.


Omah Lay did both his primary and secondary school education in Rivers state. he did his secondary school education at Comprehensive High School in River State where he obtained his WASSCE certificate.

After that Omah Lay then got admitted into the prestigious University of Port Harcourt (UNIPORT). and he graduated recently.

Who is Omah Lay signed to?

Omah Lay was first signed in June 2019 to a record label called KeyQaad. the prestigious move made him, for the first time, leave Port Harcourt for Lagos. right now he’s officially signed to
the recording label Dvpper Music.

Omah Lay as a Musician

Omah Lay music has sporadically filled everywhere since he released his first hit not long ago, Omah Lay described his music in his tone below.

“I make afrobeats. This is what we do. In my own making of afrobeats, I don’t like to get myself all boxed in, what it should sound like. I try my best to search every single place, you know, every single style. I want to do reggae, I want to do dancehall, but at the end, I want to do afrobeat. So I’m not trying to be boxed in.”

Omah Lay songs & Awards

Below are some of the prominent songs released by the young artiste:

Bad influence (2019)
Disturb (2019)Alternate Hello Brother (2019)Do Not
Cuts (2020)Tonight (2020

Who is Omah Lay Girlfriend ?

Right now we do not know either the young Nigeria singer has a girlfriend or not, although we can’t pass a verdict or conclude he has no any because he is such a secretive person, he don’t really like showing off his personal details. nevertheless we’re watching on him and we will update you when we get hold of that.

Omah Lay Net Worth

Omah Lay is one of the most newest performing upcoming artiste, he also stands as one of the richest among them too. his net worth is estimated to be averagely $500,000 this is approximately 195 million naira.

Omah Lay Social Media

Omah has a wide margins between his fellow upcoming artiste, his Instagram followers recently rose to about 1 million with just 23 posts.

What more do you know about the Nigerian upcoming artiste, Omah Stanley Didia aka Omah Lay?

feel free to drop your opinion below in the comment section.

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