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Richest State In Nigeria: Top 10 Richest State in Nigeria 2024



Richest State In Nigeria: Top 10 Richest State in Nigeria 2024

Nigeria is the largest country in west Africa, it contains about 200 million population, pushing it to be the top 10 in the world rank. currently, Nigeria is the 9tht most populated country in the word, it contains more than 200 millions population.

With many Geo political zones each with its specific features, Nigeria is a very diverse country, it contains 36 States with the federal capital. of all the states, Kano is the most populated and Lagos, the most densely populated state and as well as the second most populated State in Nigeria after Kano.

Top Ten Most Richest State in Nigeria 2021

Of these, they are series of internal revenues generated by each of the state according to the urbanization and regional location of industries.

Today I will be sharing with you Richest State In Nigeria: Top 10 Richest State in Nigeria 2021.

To find this, it is not worth going into a day to day investigation in quest to read about the States government account, we only need to take their Gross Domestic Production (GDP) into consideration.

Top 10 Richest State in Nigeria 2024

10. Kaduna – $10.33 billion

Kaduna State is a Northwestern part of Nigeria with over 6.1 million population according to the reports of the 2006 population census.

Its the most diverse state in the country, it has over 60 different ethnic groups living in the state. Kaduna has a Growth Domestic Production of about 10.33 billion dollars. the most dominated economic activities in the state is Agriculture.



9. Ogun – $11 billion

Ogun State is one of the richest state in Nigeria, you cannot mention up to ten richest state in Nigeria without mentioning Ogun state.
It is a state located in South Western part of Nigeria with over four million populations. the state is one of the few with highest concentration of industries and factories for example, Dangote Cement in Ibese, Procter and Gamble in Agbara, Lafarage Cement in Ewekoro and Coleman Cables in Arepo, it has a GDP of about $11 billion.

8. Akwa Ibom – $11 billion

Akwa Ibom is also one of the richest state in Nigeria, it is located in Southern part of Nigeria with over 5.5 million residents. majority of the inhabitants are businessman/woman, the main ethnic groups present in the state are the Ibibio, Oron, Annang, Obolo and Eket It has a GDP of $11 billion.

7. Edo – $11.89 billion

Edo State is one of the most prominent Nigeria State. also it is one of the mid old state, its capital is Benin city. although it has a fewer population, they’re about 3.5 million people residing in the state.

Edo has a GDP of about 11.89 billion dollars, the main economic activities promoting the gross economy in the state is its beautiful tourists locations such as River Niger Beach and Ise Lake in Agenebode or the likes of the Emotan Statue in Benin City.

6. Kano – $12.39 billion

Kano from its slogan, the center of commerce, is evidently proven and obvious that most of the biggest trading activities take part in this region. It is the most prominent among the 19 northern States, it also the state with the highest population in Nigeria. it has about 11 million inhabitants. the major economic activities there are: Trading, kano is also the major producer of hides and skins, Arabic gum, Chili pepper, garlic, cotton and soybeans. It has a GDP of $12.39 billion.

5. Imo – $14.21 billion

In terms of GDP, Imo State is one of the richest state in the country. It is located in Southeastern part of Nigeria.
It is highly rich in mineral resources such as crude oil, natural gas, limestone, zinc, lead, sand and clay.

The state also has tones of oil wells of over 163. some of the petrol companies in the vicinity include, Agip, Royal Dutch Shell, Addax Petroleum and Chevron Corporation.
It has a GDP of about 14.21 billion dollars.

4. Oyo – $16.12 billion

Not doubt Oyo is also one of the most richest state. due to the presence surplus economic and industrial activities in the state. it is a southwestern Nigerian Stated located closely to Lagos, this is one of the key reason why the state is so much developed.

Oyo state has over Six million population with a GDP of about $16.12 billion the major economic contribution in that part is agricultue. the State produces a lot of stocks such as, palm oil, cocoa, plantains, cassava, rice, millet, yam, maize and cashews.

3. Delta – $16.75 billion

Delta state is one of the states enriched in terms of resources in Nigeria. the state is located in Southern part of the country. it contains over 4.1 million population and an overall GDP of 16.75 billion. the state is highly rich in mineral resources, such kaolin, limestone, silica, decorative rocks, industrial clay, coal tar, sand and lignite. most importantly it has the largest deposits of crude oil and natural gas in the Country.

2. Rivers – $21.17 billion

When mentioning the most successful state in Nigeria, then it is very important to consider River state at the beginning of your counting. it is the second most richest state in Nigeria after Lagos.
It has a population of about 5.2 million in over 11,077 square kilometres of the land. the States generates 60% of the country’s petroleum it has a GDP of $21.17 billion.

1. Lagos – $33.68 billion

Lagos state is the economic capital of Nigeria. without being told, everyone knows it is the most developed and prominent state in Nigeria with about $33.68 billion GDP. the economic activities in the state is mind blowing and surplus.

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