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Top 10 Richest Hausa Musicians In Kannywood 2022



Top 10 Richest Hausa Musicians In Kannywood 2022

The Kannywood industry located in nigeria is one of the popular music/movie Industry presently in the country.

Kannywood is blessed with talented musicians in the industry, these musicians make huge amount of cash in music.

Top 10 Richest Hausa Musicians In Kannywood 2021

Do you want to Know the top 10 richest hausa musicians in Kannywood 2021? In this post, I will share with you the top richest musicians making name for themselves in Kannywood.

Top 10 Richest Hausa Musicians In Kannywood 2022

Adam A Zango

Adam A Zango

Adam A Zango is a famous kannywood musician, actor, producer from Kaduna State. He is one of the most richest hausa musician in Kannywood.

Naziru Sarkin Waka

Naziru Sarki Waka

Naziru is another popular musician from the industry. He hails from Kano State. Naziru is no doubt among the richest hausa musician in Kannywood.

Umar M Shareef




Umar M Shareef is a household name in the northern part of Nigeria. He is one of the best, talented musician in Kannywood. These list will be incomplete without Umar M Shareef.

Nura M Inuwa

Nura M Inuwa is a renowned Hausa musician, movie producer, and also an artist. He was born in Kano State where he did his education before joining the music industry. Nura M Inuwa is among the richest hausa musicians in Kannywood.

Hamisu Breaker

Hamisu Breaker is a popular hausa musician known for his outstanding kind of music in Kannywood. The singer was born and raised in Kano. Hamisu Breaker is one of the richest hausa musicians currently in the industry.

Ali Jita

Ali Jita is another well known Hausa musician in Kannywood, he is one of the richest hausa musician in Kannywood.

Dauda Kahuta Rarara

Dauda Kahuta Rara is talented Hausa Musician in Kannywood. He sings mostly for politicians during elections and campaigns. The singer makes cool cash from singing. Dauda is another richest hausa musician.

Ado Gwanja

Ado Gwanja is not a new name to anybody who watches and listen to Kannywood movies and music. Gwanja sings mostly for women during weddings. He is one of the richest hausa musician in Kannywood.

Garzali Miko

Who don’t know Garzali Miko? He is a renowned Hausa musician in Kannywood. He was born and raised in Kano State. Garzali went further to finish his primary and secondary school in the state. Garzali Miko is another richest hausa musician in Kannywood.

Abdul D One

Abdul D One is also among the richest hausa musician in Kannywood.

These are the richest hausa musician in Kannywood. What can you say about this? Drop a comment below.

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Mbah Chinedu

I’ve made up stories in my head for as long as I can remember—I put myself to sleep at night when I was young by rewriting the plots and endings of books I’d read. I assumed this was normal and everyone else did it, too, until I began getting weird looks when I talked about it. Finally, when I was twelve, I figured it out and decided I’d be a writer when I grew up.

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  1. Kai walahi this list of muscial mention is wrong. The best among all muscial is naz bee

  2. I love them all but my favourite singer from all time is hamisu breaker. keep moving abokina Allah yakara daukaka yakareka daga sharrin makiya ameen.

  3. “Umar m shareef” he is the most famous and rechest celebrity because his fans there uncountable.

  4. I like and support all of them, but Nura M. Inuwa is the best and must richest of all term.

  5. Adam A zango is the most richest kannywood singer in Nigeria.
    I totally agreed With passion bcus Adam has what it takes to be a richest housa singer in kannywood

    1. Exactly… I also believe Adam A Zango Is the richest. Apart from acting, he is also a stage performer, singer, and dancer too. So Adam A Zango is not Thier mate

  6. I thank God my best hausa musician in kannywood is nura m inuwa and also i really support adam a zango too may allah protect you from foe.

  7. Wannan list na karya ne bahaka yake bah
    Meya kawo su gazali, braker, d one, sababbin shiga ne. Ina su sani danja, yakubu Muhammad da sauransu

  8. I like and i support all of them but my best is Nura m inuwa . apart from Adam a zango Nura m inuwa is the best richest

  9. Nura m inuwa is the best among the best with his golden woice,he always entertain us with good albums every year.daga ismael ajebbo facebook.com

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