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Top 10 Cheapest Hotels In Lagos With Their Prices

Top 10 Cheapest Hotels In Lagos With Their Prices

Are you looking for the cheapest hotels in Lagos, if yes then you are on the right post. Lagos is one of the best place with the most cheapest hotels in Nigeria.

Getting a cheap hotel in Lagos will be very simple if you read the list of hotels I will be sharing on this post.

Without further Ado, on this post, you will get to know the Top 10 Cheapest Hotels In Lagos With Their Prices.

Top 10 Cheapest Hotels In Lagos With Their Prices

JUICEBOX Private Lodge

JuiceBox Private Lodge is one of the cheapest hotels in Lagos. They offer restaurant together with accommodation, Free Special Parking, A Bar and A Lounge all together.

JuiceBox Private Lodge price is around N6000/$14.56 per Night.

Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel

Radisson hotel

Radisson Blu Anchorage Hotel is another cheap hotel located in Victoria Island, Lagos. The hotel offers uncountable number of services to it’s customers.

The hotel price is around N100,000

Posh Apartments And Hotel

Posh Apartments And Hotels will never be left out of the cheapest hotels in Lagos. The hotel offers services like restaurant, Car parking, Free Wifi and lots more. Price is around N7000 per night in the hotel.

Presken Hotels

Presken hotels is a popular hotel in Lagos known for it’s cheapness. Presken hotels gives lot’s of services like restaurant and accommodations. The price of Presken hotels is around N17, 000 per night.

Omoba Royal Hotels

Top 10 Cheapest Hotels In Lagos With Their Prices

Omoba Royal Hotels is amongst the best hotels in Lagos with cheap Price. The price of Omoba Royal Hotels is N6000 per night.

Cosmic Guest House

Top 10 Cheapest Hotels In Lagos With Their Prices

Cosmic Guest House offers services like Free Breakfast, Car parking, Airport Shuttle and many others. Cosmic Guest House price is around N5000 per night.

OAK Hotels

OAK Hotels is no doubt one of the latest cheap hotels in Lagos located at Festac. The hotel has services like Free Wi-Fi, Parking, Room Services. Price ranges from N4500 per night.

Beni Hotels

Beni Hotels is a straightforward low key room hotels offering Free Wi-Fi, Pool, Gym all at the price of N7500 per night.

Paradise Hotel & Suites

Paradise Hotel & Suites is a well recognize hotel in Lagos. The hotel have services like Wi-Fi, Parking, Pool and the rest. The price of Paradise Hotel And Suites is around N4000 per night.

Bana Hotel And Suites

Bana Hotel And Suites is the last cheapest hotels in Lagos. The hotel has a cheap price of around N8000 per night. They also offer restaurant, Lodging, Parking, Free Wi-Fi and others.

This are the cheapest hotels in Lagos With Their Prices.

What can you say about the above mentioned hotels? Drop your comments below

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