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Umu Obiligbo Net Worth And Biography In 2024



Umu Obiligbo Net Worth And Biography In 2024

Have you heard of the latest Igbo Highlife musicians taking over the music industry with force? Umu Obiligbo are no doubt among the best Highlife Singers in Nigeria.

Today, NaijaDailys will be sharing with you every information you would want to know about Umu Obiligbo Net Worth And Biography In 2024.

Umu Obiligbo Profile

Names: Chukwuemeka Akunwafor Obiligbo and Ifeanyi Okpuozor Obiligbo

Place Of Birth: Anambra State

Nationality: Nigeria

Occupation: Singers, Songwriters, Dancers, Stage Performers

Marital Status: Not Yet Married

Net Worth: 20 Million Naira

Umu Obiligbo Net Worth And Biography In 2021



Umu Obiligbo Biography

Umu Obiligbo whose full names are Chukwuemeka Akunwafor and Ifeanyi Okpuozor are two Talented Highlife Musicians In Nigeria.

They were born and raised in a small local government area of Anambra State called Nteje.

Umu Obiligbo did both their primary and secondary School education in the state before proceeding to higher institution where they graduated with an outstanding results from their course of Study.

The two singers came from a music family, their father Ajana Obiligbo was a famous Igbo Highlife musician during his time.

Obiligbo Started music right from their childhood age, they rose to stardom in 2017 after releasing an Album titled “Ife Di Mma)

This Album made them popular in Nigeria, since then, Umu Obiligbo have released over 40 songs to their list of songs.

Umu Obiligbo Songs

  1. Awele
  2. Egwu Ndi Nne
  3. Culture
  4. Egqu Ebube Dike
  5. Uba Si Na Chi
  6.  Kenechukwu
  7. Ogo Amaka
  8. Igbo Na Egbu Onwe Ha
  9. Ogu Ajoka
  10. Anya Na Ene Uwa
  11. Akwa Ego
  12. Okwu Ba Na Ego
  13. Ife Di Mma
  14.  Chukwu Olisa
  15.  Olisa Biko Zoba Anyi
  16. Okwuego
  17. Udo Ga Adi
  18. Ozo
  19. And others.

They are gradually dominating the industry, infact as of 2021, Umu Obiligbo are the Famous, Best, Popular Highlife Musicians in the country.

Umu Obiligbo Net Worth

Umu Obiligbo Net Worth 2024

The net worth of Umu Obiligbo was estimated to be worth 20 Million Naira as of 2024. The two brothers are among the richest Highlife musicians in Nigeria.

Frequently Asked Questions About Umu Obiligbo Net Worth And Biography

Are Umuobiligbo Twins?

Umu Obiligbo are not Twins but brothers from the same Mother.

Who Is The Father Of Umu Obiligbo?

Ajana Obiligbo

Are Umuobiligbo married?

No, Umu Obiligbo are not married as of 2024.

Umu Obiligbo House and Cars

No much info is known about Umu Obiligbo House and Cars

Umu Obiligbo Girlfriends


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