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Top 10 Richest Kannywood Actresses In 2024

These are the Top 10 Richest Kannywood Actresses In 2024

Kannywood is among the best Hausa Film industry in Nigeria. The industry is blessed with beautiful Actresses from different parts of the country.

Some of these actresses have won numerous awards and fame for themselves and the Kannywood industry at large.

Famous actresses like Hadiza Gabon, Rahama Sadau, Nafisat Abdullahi, Fati Washa, Halima Atete, and Maryam Yahaya are a few among the rest who are recognized by many for their outstanding performance in movies.

In this post, Naijadailys Blog will be sharing with you the 10 Richest Kannywood Actresses In Nigeria. These lovely movie entertainers are seriously making cool cash from their acting Profession in the country.


Richest Kannywood Actresses In 2024

1. Hadiza Aliyu Gabon

hadiza aliyu

Hadiza Aliyu better known as Gabon Remains the richest Kannywood actress in Nigeria. She’s one of the awarding winning Hausa Actress making waves in both Kannywood and Nollywood.

The actress was raised by her Father in Gabon, growing up in Gabon, she attained her bachelor’s degree in the french language before relocating back to Nigeria, Adamawa State to be precise.

In 2004, she met with a renowned Kannywood actor who later introduced her into the industry as an actress.

Her first appearance in Hausa movies was in “Ali Yaga Ali” Hadiza’s acting skills in that movie paved way for her in Nigeria she received accolades for the wonderful interpretation she display in that movie.

Hadiza Gabon is one of the few Kannywood actresses whose Style of acting has catapulted her into joining the Nollywood industry. She has acted alongside top Nollywood Actors like Ali Nuhu, Zubby Michael, Yul Edochie, and others.

Gabon has made so much money from her acting career, that she is amongst the Hausa Actress with the most expensive cars.


2. Rahama Sadau

Rahama Sadau

Rahama Sadau is a young actress who has dominated the Nigerian movie industry, from acting in Kannywood to being one of the best Nollywood Actors in Nigeria.

The Kaduna State-born actress is the 2nd richest Kannywood actress in Nigeria. Rahama Sadau’s acting skills and roles in movies are exceptional, she’s one of the best when it comes to interpreting different roles.

With over 30 awards to her credit, Rahama is the most successful Hausa Actress still making waves in the industry today, asides from acting, she’s also a businesswoman, the actress owns a movie production company called Sadau Movies.

Rahama was born in Kaduna State, her father Alhaji Ibrahim Sadau is a renowned businessman in Kaduna, raised by her parents in the State, the actress went to Eastern Mediterranean University in Northern Cyprus where she graduated with a degree in her course of study.


3. Nafisat Abdullahi

nafisat Abdullahi

Next on our list is Nafisat Abdullahi. She’s regarded as one of the most beautiful Kannywood Actresses.

Nafisat has made over 100 appearances in Hausa-speaking movies, the actress is among the wealthiest female Kannywood actress in Nigeria. Known for her excellent roles in Labarina, Nafisat Abdullahi has won several awards at the City People entertainment awards for herself.


4. Maryam Musa Waziri

Maryam Waziri is the fourth richest Kannywood actress on our Great list. The actress is among the most decent actress in Kannywood, she is also well recognized in the industry for her charming beauty.

Her popularity came in 2020 when she was invited by Amina Saira, A veteran Hausa movies director to feature as Laila in a Film titled “Labarina” Maryam’s roles in that movie made way for her in the Industry and since then, she has acted in nothing less than 50 movies with several awards and recognition to her name.


5. Jamila Nadu

jamila nagudu

She is a popular Nigerian actress from the Kannywood industry, the beautiful actress has been acting for about 10 years now. Jamila as an actress has gotten numerous deals and recognition.

Naidu is known in Nigeria for her outstanding performance as a housewife in most of her Hausa movies, she is one of the leading actresses in Kannywood with pure natural talents in acting.

Here are some of the movies which brought her to Fame, Ya ‘Ya Na, Alhaji Kwikwiyo, Aska Tara, Bashin Gaba, Cikar Burkina, Farin Dare, Fataken Dare, Ga Fili Mai Doki, and others.


6. Halima Atete

Halima Atete

Halima Atete is a professional Kannywood actress from Maiduguri, in Borno State. The actress is one of the best when it comes to acting in Jealousy roles in Hausa movies. Halima Atete joined the industry 6 years ago and has so far been featured in 100 movies.

Atete’s fame was a result of her remarkable roles in “Dakin Amarya” A movie that featured Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya. Halima Atete is currently one of the most sought-after actresses in the industry today due to her amazing skills in acting.

She is among the richest Kannywood actresses still taking over the industry even at 33.


7. Fati Washa

Fati Washa

Fatima Abdullahi popularly known as Fati Washa is a beautiful Kannywood actress with amazing acting skills in Nigeria. She is the 7th richest actress on this list.

Fati Washa was brought up by her parents in Bauchi State, she started acting in 2013 after completing her studies. Her appearance in the movie “Ya Daga Allah” was her starting point as an actress, since she has worked in movies like are ‘Yar Tasha, Ana Wata ga Wata, Mr. da Kura, and Make Da Bake, The next, blind House.


8. Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya

Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya

Aisha Tsamiya is the 8th richest Kannywood actress in Nigeria. She is also a wonderful movie producer and director.

Tsamiya is from Kano State, the actress was known by many for her Dakin Amarya Roles in 2017. She is an actress with a great personality in the industry.



9. Hafsat Idris

Hafsat Idris

Hafsat Idris is a talented Nigerian Film actress from the Kannywood industry. In 2009 she won an award for the best female actress.

The mother of three is the most expensive actress in the industry, she has attained great success in her acting career in Nigeria.

With more than 50 movies to her credit, Hafsat Idris is known for her roles in Barauniya. Hafsat is the 9th richest Kannywood actress.



10. Mansur Isah

Mansur Isah

Mansur Isah is a well-known actress in Nigeria, she is Popular as the former wife of Sani Musa Danja, a famous Kannywood Actor in the industry.

The actress is also a businesswoman with several endorsements and deals to her name. Her name is a must on the list of Richest Kannywood Actresses In 2024.

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