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Top 10 Richest Kannywood Actresses 2024

Top 10 Richest Kannywood Actresses 2024

Let’s not forget i’m going to be sharing with you Richest Kannywood Actress: Top 10 Richest Kannywood Actresses 2021, get the facts clearly and never twist it to your taste, feel free and scroll down below.

No doubt, Nigeria is the Capital stock of entertainment industry in the whole of Sub Sahara desert.

Nigeria alone produces artiste of different calibers ranging from actors, musicians, comedians and many other entertainment aspects.

As of 2020 the number of Nigerian artiste alone was averagely more than the population of a certain less populated country. this is to say, the entertainment industry in Nigeria is not just the best in the African continent but among the top countries with the highest and respectful numbers of celebrities.

Nigerian artiste both rising and upcoming are not just known locally but gradually they are catching international and global attentions.

Recall that Nigeria has different varieties of celebs, in this article, i will base on the acting career, although we have two movie industry, Nollywood & Kannywood, nevertheless we are particularly dealing with Kannywood industry.

Top 10 Richest Kannywood Actresses 2024

Below are the Richest Nigerian Kannywood actresses with with their short wiki & Net Worth respectively.

10-Fati Washa

Fati Washa is one of the most prominent Kannywood actress, she is also among the most trending Kannywood star on social media pages and groups due to her beautiful and charming looks.

She is one of the few multi talented celebs, apart from being an artiste and winning many awards, she is also a businesswoman.

Net Worth

On an average her net worth is about $50,00 dollars according to our latest 2021 data.

9-Momee Gombe

Maimunah Abubakra popularly known as Momee Gombe is one of the most elegant Kannywood movie actress.

She is a Hausa native from Gombe state, she is one of the most passionate and respectful actress in the industry. as a lover of her profession, she has input so many efforts in making herself and the entire Kannywood proud.

Net Worth

According to our finding of her 2021 net worth estimate carried out recently on her, Momee Gombe has a net worth estimated to be about $150, 000.

8-Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya

Among these promising, wealthy and fulfilling actress is the famous Aisha Aliyu Tsamiya.

She is one of the most evergreen and noteworthy female Kannywood personality. she is also the number eight richest actress.

Net Worth

The Celerity is reportedly worth over $200,000 as per the latest 2021 estimates.

7-Halima Atete

Among the top richest Kannywood actress is the very known Halima Atete, without making a long epistle, you can vividly deduce from her performance from Kannywood movies that she is not just an actress but a pro at that.

She is one of the most regarded Kannywood actress with a lot of remarkable praises.

Net Worth

Halima Atete has a very enticing take home from her acting profession. she has a net worth of about $300,000.

6-Maryam Waziri

The list of the Nigerian richest Kannywood actresses cannot be completed with a taking a glimpse on the name Maryam Waziri. although she joined the industry earlier ago around 2015 and luckily she is one of the most featured actress so far.

Net Worth

Maryam Waziri, for who ever knows her too well will definitely tell you she is one of the most hardworking woman. she has a net worth of $350,000. as a new actress in the industry, we are expecting her to grow up as she strives harder on her career.

5-Hadiza Gabon

Hadiza is a native Nigerian hausa origin born to a Gabonese mother and a Nigerian father.

She was born and brought in Gabon before she moved to Nigeria in order to pursue her career. not only is she one of the most eminent rising actress but she is indubitably one of the most beautiful and respectful one among them too.

The hardy, valorous and heroic actress, Hadiza Gobon is not just a follow up artiste like many others, she is one of the pioneer of Kannywood industry who lays the foundation from scratch to the utmost height it has landed today. aside that she is one of the most richest, influential and the most important personality in the industry.

Net Worth

As an ardent and a good lover of acting, Hadiza also takes home a good amount of mony. she has a net worth of about $500,000 dollars.

4-Maryam Ado Mohammed

Mariam Ado Muhammed popularly know as Maryam Booth is the beautiful daughter of the popular veteran Kannywood actress, Zainab Booth.

She is one of the most successful Kannywood actress, she is a model and an artiste, currently She is the face of AMMA and Afrohollywood best and most outrageous actress.

At the moment She has 1.1 million followers on her official Instagram page

Net Worth

The noble Nigerian Kannywood star has a net worth of about $750K.

3-Nafisa Abdullahi

It is a matter of gullibility and ignorance to mention the top most influential Kannywood stars without mentioning Nafisa Abdullahi, in fact she is one of the most conservative and active Kannywood artiste.

She is not just one of the most eminent actress but a known money spinner, wow right ?, she is one of the richest actress in the Kannywood entertainment industry.

Net Worth

Nafisa as a full time movie actress is expected to be one of the richest and no doubt she is, according to the latest 2021 net worth estimation carried on her wealth, she is worth $750,000.

2-Hafsat Idris

The list cannot be completed without of the most amazing thing about this actress is her glaring beauty. aside being the second most richest Kannywood actress, you cannot mention up to 5 Kannywood beauties without mentioning her name. she recently became famous around 2018/19 and she is doing fine in the Kannywood industry.

Net Worth 

The young Nigerian Kannywood beauty is the second richest actress in the industry. her net worth ranges from 1 Million – $4 Million.

1-Rahma Sadau

Whether you’re a celebrity enthusiast or not, provided you’re an active user of social media or perhaps a bit fancy of Kannywood movies then, you might have heard of Rahma Sadau before.

Rahma the “Queen of Kannywood” is one of the most discussed celebrity in Nigeria, her fame is not just limited to Kannywood movies alone but all over the country.

Rahma Sadau is the gross winner of the 2014 and 2015 Best Actress at the City People Awards. She is often referred to as “Queen of Kannywood” because of her performance, she is beautiful and talented.

Net Worth 

Recently this year 2021 her net worth estimation was carried out although it is not certain but we know too well that she is the richest Kannywood actress at the moment. despite the fact that her net worth is not fixed, she is reportedly worth $ 3-5 Million.

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