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Taaooma Net Worth And Biography In 2024



Taaooma Net Worth And Biography In 2024

Taaooma is one of the most popular Instagram Comedians In Nigeria. If you are a lover of Nigerian comedies then I believe you have heard or come across this young girl called Taaooma.

On this post, I will share with you some facts you didn’t know about Taaooma Net Worth And Biography In 2021. Before I continue, let’s take a look at her Profile below.

Taaooma Profile

Name: Apaokagi Adedoyin Maryam

Age: 22 years old

Date of birth: 28 February 1999.

State of origin: llorin, Kwara State

Profession: Comedian, Promoter, Video Creator

Tribe: Yoruba

Boyfriend/Husband: Abula



Net Worth: 10 Million Naira

Taaooma Net Worth And Biography In 2021

Taaooma Biography

Apaokagi Adedoyin Maryam better known as Taaooma is an award winning Instagram Comedian, Video Creator, Promoter In Nigeria.

The beautiful comedian was born ( 28 February 1999) as the last born of 5 children to her Adorable parents Mr. And Mrs. Aishat Apaokagi (Mother)

Taaooma commenced her primary school education at Amazing Kids Private Academy before moving to Concordia College in Windhoek, Namibia for her high school.

Thereupon her graduation from high school, Taaooma progressed to Kwara State University where she successfully attained a Degree In Tourism And Hospitality.

In 2014, Taaooma began her comedy skits through the help of her boyfriend, Abdulaziz Oladimeji aka Abula.

After a long journey of learning how to use camera and video editing softwares, Taaooma finally released her first comedy video in the year 2015.

Her first skits brought her into Limelight and recognition in Nigeria. Taaooma has gotten different awards and nomination for her excellent type of comedy.

In 2019, she won the best online comedian, and Social entrepreneur that same year. Taaooma was also selected as the best skit producer of the year by MAYA AWARD AFRICA.

Taaooma has produced over 100 comedy videos making her famous in the comedy aspect. She has over 2.5 Million followers on Instagram.

Taaooma Boyfriend

In February 2020, Taaooma got engaged to her lovely boyfriend Abdulaziz Oladimeji in Namibia.

Taaooma Net Worth 2024

The net worth of Taaooma was estimated to be worth 10 Million Naira. She is among the richest Instagram Comedians in Nigeria.

Frequently Asked Questions About Taaooma

Taaooma Cars

Taaooma Pictures

No much information is known about the number of cars Taaooma has, however she is always seen with different types of cars in pictures.

Is Comedian Taaooma Married?

Taaooma is currently not married yet, but she is officially engaged to her husband to be.

What is Taaooma Real Name?

Apaokagi Adedoyin Maryam

Is Taaooma A Graduate?

Yes, she is a graduate of Kwara State University

How old is Taaooma?

Taaooma is 22 years old now.

Who is Taaooma Boyfriend?

Abdulaziz Oladimeji

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