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Sydney Talker Net Worth And Biography In 2024

Sydney Talker Net Worth And Biography In 2024

Sydney Talker is one of the best Nigerian comedians whose facial expressions alone will make you laugh out every sorrows in you.

On this post, I will share with you some surprising facts you never knew about Sydney Talker Net Worth And Biography In 2021.

Sydney Talker Profile

Real Name: Sydney Egere

Age: 26 years old

State of origin: Edo State

Occupation: Comedian, Video Editor, Promoter, Influencer

Nationality: Nigeria

Net Worth: 15 Million Naira

Sydney Talker Net Worth And Biography In 2021 

Sydney Talker Biography

Sydney Egere popularly called The towel guy or Sydney Talker is a Nigeria Comedian, Skits Maker, Video Editor, Promoter And A Influencer.

The young comedian was born in Edo State on the 26th of January 1995. He was raised by his mother in Lagos State.

Sydney Talker had both his primary and high school education in the state before proceeding to The University Of Benin to study computer science.

After 4 years of joining the University, Sydney finally graduated with an excellent degree in computer science.

The ideal to start Comedy begin after he completed all his education. During the first stage of his career he was known as the Towel Guy.

In 2015, he released his first comedy video titled “power of the tongue” although the video was not popular until the year 2016 when he post another skits dubbed “the poor power supply” on Instagram.

His roles and expressions in those skits landed Sydney Talker into the entertainment industry.

Ever since then, Sydney Talker has made name for himself through Comedy, apart from that, he has gotton several endorsement, recognition, Awards and nomination for his skits.

Sydney Talker Net Worth 2024

The Net Worth Of Sydney Talker Was Calculated to be around 15 Million Naira as of 2024. He is among the most popular and influential Instagram Comedians in Nigeria.

Frequently Asked Questions About Sydney Talker

Sydney Talker Cars

Sydney Talker Mercedes-Benz

Sydney Talker has a brand new 2019 Mercedes Benz for himself. This shows the Comedian is doing well in the industry.

Sydney Talker House

Sydney Talker House

According to some online reports, Sydney Talker also have a House in Lagos where he shot most of his Videos.

What is Sydney Talker Real Name?

Sydney Egere

What is Sydney talker net worth?

15 Million Naira

Is Sydney Talker Married To Nengi?

No, Sydney Talker is not married to Nengi. They only had some photo shoot together

Who is Sydney talker engaged to?


What made Sydney talker popular?


Who is Sydney Talker Girlfriend?

Sydney Talker has not yet revealed his girlfriend, as such he is presently single

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