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Sunday Igboho Net Worth: Sunday Igboho Biography, Age, Career, And Education



Sunday Igboho Net Worth: Sunday Igboho Biography, Age, Career, And Education

Sunday Igboho is a well known Nigerian activist from the yoruba tribe. In this article, you will get to know more about Sunday Igboho Net Worth: Sunday Igboho Biography, Age, Career, And Education.

Sunday Igboho Bio, Career, Age, Rise to fame, Education & Net Worth

Sunday Adeniyi Adeyemo popularly know as Sunday igboho is a native of Yoruba origin. he is a Yoruba activist who came into limelight just recently.

Sunday igboho is a human right activist, a philanthropist and a successful businessman.


It is very hard to tell what his career really is at the moment, although he is a popular Yoruba human right activist and a successful businessman.

Just as many people alleged, Sunday is not a politician, he is the chairman of Adeson International Business Concept Ltd Sunday and the Akoni Oodua of Yoruba.

Sunday became fully famous in January 2021 when he gave a hit to the Fulani residing in South west to vacate the land following the killing of Dr Abodode. although his movement was limited to Ibarapa village alone but gradually it is capturing the whole of Western Nigeria.

How old is Sunday Ogboho ?



The Nigerian Yoruba activist, Sunday Adeniyi Adeyemo popularly know as Sunday igboho was born on 10th of October in the year 1972, he is currently 48 years old and he would be celebrating his next birthday on 10th October 2021. by then, the Yoruba human right activist will be 49th.

The controversial Yoruba activist, Sunday igboho is using his township name as a nickname which is Igboho he was born in Igboho town, Oke Ogun, Oyo State in Southwestern Nigeria.

Sunday Igboho’s father relocated to Modakeke in Osun state when he was young and here he grew up. he is one of the few hustlers who started from scratch, according to Sunday, he started his career with a lot of financial problems. he firstly started off as a mechanic where he repairs motorcycles and then afterwards ventured into cars selling.

Rise to Fame.

Keeping in mind that Sunday igboho on January 2021, gave a hit to the Fulani residing in South west to vacate the land following the killing of Dr Abodode, this was just a fairly part of his work as an activist.

Prior to this incident, Sunday Igboho rose to fame in 1997 due to his role during the Modaleke-Ife communal crisis. Sunday really played a very vital role in the crisis and since then was known to be a vibrant and conservative activist.

Sunday Igboho after his defendant role he played in 1997 during the community crisis, he moved to Ibadan city to start a new life where he met Lam Adesina who happens to be the formal governor of Oyo state in the cause of his activism.

Sunday Igboho was also opportune to work for Governor Rasheed Ladoja after hardworking with him, he earned his trust and became one of his most loyal aids. Sunday Igboho who is a Yoruba activist is also one of the agitator of Odudua republic.

Sunday Igboho Education

It is very obvious that the activist came into limelight fully in about few days ago, we cannot really tell many of his personal details which also includes his education. we are apparently not certain about his education both primary and secondary school till university. although we have some unverified information at hand regarding that right now and we will update you on that later.

Who Is Sunday Igboho Married to ?

Although Sunday Igboho is a christian supposedly but he is married to about two wives with each of them living in different places, he is blessed with many children from his two wives, about three of his children are currently playing as professional footballers

Sunday Igboho net worth

The Net Worth of Sunday Igboho is estimated to be worth $500, 000 as of 2021.

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