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Osita Iheme Net Worth, Age, Wife, And Biography

Osita Iheme Net Worth, Age, Wife, And Biography

Osita Iheme is one of the most popular Actor in Nigeria. He is best known for his role as Pawpaw in the Film “Akin Na Ukwa” a movie they acted together with his colleague Chinedu Ikedieze.

On this post, NaijaDailys will be sharing with you every information you would want to know about Osita Iheme Net Worth, Age, Wife, And Biography.

Osita Iheme Profile

Names: Osita Iheme

Age: 39 years old

Date of birth: 20 February 1982

State of origin: Imo State

Occupation: Actor, Comedian, Movie Producer.

Religion: Christianity

Tribe: Igbo

Nationality: Nigeria

Marital Status: Not yet Married

Net Worth: 250 Million Naira

Osita Iheme Net Worth, Age, Wife, And Biography

Osita Iheme Biography

Pawpaw whose real Names are Osita Iheme is a renowned Nigerian Actor, Comedian, And Movie producer in Nollywood.

The Nollywood icon was born in Mbaitoli local government of Imo State on the 20th of February 1982. Osita completed his primary and high school education in Imo before Moving to Lagos State University where he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in computer science.

He started acting after completing his education, Osita Iheme rose to popularity came in 2003 for his outstanding skills in a Comedy Movie “Aki Na Ukwa” he often plays the role of children in most of his Movies.

Today, Osita Iheme is regarded as the funniest Nollywood actor in Nigeria, infact most of his pictures are used for Memes.

Currently, the actor is the Ambassador for Rotary International District, he also published a book titled “INSPIRED”

Since making his way into the Nollywood industry, Osita has appeared in more than 200 Movies making him the most popular face in the industry.

Some of his Movies includes:

  • Markus D Millionaire
  • Stubborn Flies
  • Boys from Holland
  • Brain Box
  • Criminal Law
  • Jadon
  • Last Challenge
  • Remote Control
  • Royal Messengers
  • Winning Your Lovers
  • Colours of Emotion
  • Final World Cup
  • Holy Diamond
  • I Think Twice
  • My Business
  • The Last Orphan

Osita Iheme Age

Osita Iheme was born 20 February 1982, he is presently 39 years old.

Osita Iheme Wife

Osita Iheme is one of the Nollywood actors who are yet to get married.

Osita Iheme Net

The net worth of Osita Iheme was estimated to be worth 250 Million Naira as of 2021. He is among the richest Nollywood actors in Nigeria.

Frequently Asked Questions About Osita Iheme

Does Osita Iheme have a child?

No, osita Iheme does not have a child

What is the age of Osita Iheme?

Osita Iheme is 39 years old

Is Osita Iheme Married Now?

No, he is still single

What is Osita Iheme Net Worth?

250 Million Naira

Is Osita Iheme a graduate?

Yes, he is a graduate of Lagos State University

Who is the father of Osita Iheme?

Osita Iheme’s father is Herbert Iheme while his mother was Augustine Iheme

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