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Namenj Biography, Real Name, Religion, Songs, And History

Namenj Biography, Real Name, Religion, Songs, And History

Have you listen to one of the songs released by these young talented musical artist Namenj? If you haven’t then I will urge you to listen to some of his tracks because they touch the soul.

In this post, I will be sharing with you some information about this popular Arewa singer called Namenj.

Namenj Biography, Real Name, Religion, Songs, And History

Namenj Biography

Namenj whose real names are Ali Jubril Namanjo is a famous Nigerian artist from the northern part of Nigeria.

He was born and raised in Ibadan where he completed his primary and secondary school education.

Upon his graduation from the college, Namenj started making cover hits which made him popular in Arewa.

Namenj is no doubt one of the best artists making waves in the North Side. His music is top-notch and touches the soul.

Due to his wonderful musics, Namenj made his way into the EMPAWA AFRICA and was selected by Mr. Eazi to lead the generation of all the arewa singers.

Since starting his music career Namenj has released an uncountable number of music to his credit.

Namenj has also won different awards and recognition for his amazing music And song. Some of his music are as follows…

Namenj Songs

  • Nobody.
  • Rayuwat.
  • Fatana.
  • Aure.
  • Watarana.
  • Rai Na.
  • Magana.
  • Taredake.
  • Ki Yafe Min
  • Daram Daram.

Namenj Real Name

A lot of fans and people have been searching for the name of this young talent, his real name is Ali Jubril Namanjo.

Namenj Religion

From his name above nobody should tell you that the Namenj is a Muslim by religion.

Short Summary on Namenj Biography

Name: Ali Jubril Namanjo.

Place of birth: Ibadan.

Tribe: Hausa.

Religion: Proud Muslim.

Relationship Status: Single.

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  1. Namenj has a good voice, delicious and touching. His themes are relevant to contemporary romantic love. He dies art with ease. His voice is distinct from most Arewa artists. His style stands out. His romance with empawa should last I pray. His videos are mind blowing

  2. Yeah…. I really like the way namenj sing his songs. #Sai watarana cover and lokaci, are among my stared songs wich made by Ali Namenj.

    1. His music is bae been a FAM! Of Ali jita but Ali jubrin is taking me slowly will love to model for any of his video in the feature much ❤❤❤ is funny because you’re first person am sending comment to.

  3. Wow wow wow
    His songs are very interested cool and awesome ,his a very talented artist with gifted voice. His songs always made me feel happy calm and peace may God almighty continue to bless and bestowed upon him more knowledge, mercy grace and success all through his life

  4. I reqally love this guy and am proud of him and i my self am praying to be like him and i need a help of all of you that are here is there is any way to help us we arewa upcoming artist we are always ready to hear from you guys here is my contact 08140833725 let ur unite like one family

  5. Wow I see you are working so heard that is very amazing of you keep it up I pray any or everything you toch Sha be blessed by the power of Almighty Allah and you will go higher and higher every day of your life have a nice day my friend namanjo

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