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Momee Gombe Biography, Age, Career, And Phone Number

Momee Gombe is a popular Nigerian actress from Kannywood movie industry. In this post you will get to know Momee Gombe Biography, Age, Career, And Phone Number

Momee Gombe Biography, Age, Career, And Phone Number

Who is Momee Gombe ?

Maimunah Abubakar popularly known as Momee Gombe is a native of the Hausa origin from Gombe state. she is one of the very few actress who has made the kannywood industry as surplus as it is today, she is a hardworking and intelligent actress judging from her performance in the kannywood movies.

Momee Gombe Bio, Age, Career, Education & Net Worth


Momee Gombe is a kannywood movie star, she started her acting career not long ago. although she has narrated several times that during her childhood days she always wanted to be an actress having watched so many films which inspired her to be one somedays and luckily she didn’t just become an ordinary actress but she happens to be among the most celebrated and well known expert in her niche.

According to her during her childhood play days she used to act along with her co-friends and it was really fun, little did she believed that she is going to be one of the most cherished actress one day, she remarked.

Recall that Momee Gombe came into limelight in the kannywood industry not long ago she has managed to achieve a lot within this short time.

According to her, she joined the kannywood industry with the help of many prominent artiste such as Auwal muazu, who is a prominent Hausa based producer and song writer, among them is also the young and promising arewa musician named, hamisu breaker. according to her they are the sets of people who made her to be whom she is today.

Momee Gombe is best known for her role in the film titled, Kishin Mata and Asalin Kauna, in each of the movie she was able to play a very prominent major role and luckily it turns out to be a life changing moment for the young actress because of the blockbuster the films created.

We need not forget the famous movie titled ‘Ango’ in which she was featured alongside  Kannywood legendary actor Adam Zango, it was indeed the most prominent film she ever made during her acting career at the moment because this is one of the very movie which creates the beautiful friendship relationship between the two stars. talking about Zango, Momee Gombe mention in one of her interview that Adam Zango is not just her boss but one of her inspiration who helped her to explore in the kannywood film industry. she added, I will aspire to be one of the best actor in order to be help the less privilege and the poor just the way I was helped.

Within her short space in the kannywood industry, Momee Gombe has been featured in up to about 30 movies and in each of the movies she has delivered a cheerful and excellent performance in each of the various roles assign to her.

Momee Gombe has also acted on several occasions along with other Hausa actors and music singers such as garzali miko, hamisu breaker, kabiru kb and Musbahu anfara to mention but few.

Aside her performance in the movies Momee Gombe has also been rated as one of the most beautiful kannywood actress over the years and her record is yet to be matched.

How old is Momee Gombe?

The Nigerian kannywood actress Maimunah Abubakar popularly known as Momee Gombe was born on June 28th in the year 1997 in a northeastern Nigerian state called Gombe State. she is currently 23 years and she will be celebrating her next birthday on 28th July 2021.

Momee Gombe Bio, Age, Career, Education & Net Worth


As a native of Hausa origin from Gombe state, Momee Gombe attended both her primary and secondary education in Gombe state before proceeding to the university to further her higher education.

Although we do no have any valid source to authorize the name of her university, hence we cannot pass a verdict on that at the moment, we will update you sooner or later if we are able to dig it out from her officially.

Who Is Momee Gombe’s Husband ?

Before coming to limelight in the kannywood industry, Momee Gombe was already married, although due to some personal reasons best known to her, the name of her ex husband is still withheld, hence his face remains a mystery to the outside world.

It was very unfortunate that Momee Gombe was one of the unlucky women to have suffered marriage distress.

the young actress was divorced just a month and 7 days after her marriage. this always sounds strange to believe but this is the sad reality that befall this beautiful actress. according to her, her husband refused to disclose the reason for the divorce till date.

Momee Gombe Phone Number

The phone number of Momee Gombe is currently unavailable for now but will be updated as soon as it reaches us.

What is Momee Gombe Net Worth?

As a hard working and smart actress, having acted in many movies playing both major and minor roles, Momee Gombe is no doubt taking home a decent amount of money from her profession.

According to the reports of the 2020 estimation carried out on her properties and acc details, Momee Gombe has a net worth estimated to be about $150, 000, according to a source her net worth is going high day by day.

Social Media Handles

Momee Gombe is an active user of social media, she has a considerable numbers of loyal followers on her various social media handles. she has about 8994k plus followers with about 1009 posts on her official Instagram account at the moment of writing this.

you can Connect with her on Instagram @Momee_Combe

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