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Khadija Yobe Biography, Age, Career, And Photos



Khadija Yobe Biography, Age, Career, And Photos

Khadija Yobe is a talented Kannywood actress whose acting skills and experience have made her famous within a short time.

In today’s post, I will be sharing with you Khadija Yobe Biography, Age, Career, And Photos.

Khadija Yobe Biography

Khadija Yobe Shehu, Popularly known as Khadija Yobe is a professional Kannywood actress known for her outstanding performance in the industry.

The beautiful Kannywood actress is a native of Yobe State, Damaturu, but was born (1995) in Maiduguri.

Khadija did her primary and secondary school education in Maiduguri before proceeding to the University where she graduated with a degree in Public Administration.

Her acting career started when her family relocated to Kano due to the attacks by Boko Haram in Maiduguri.

After settling in the state for four years, Khadija Yobe commenced her acting ambition in 2020, she finally made her way into the industry following her appearance in movies like Wutar Kara, Hikima, Dakin Amarya, Ado Gari, and many others.

She has acted in over 10 Hausa-speaking movies since joining the Industry in 2020. Here is a short interview we had with Khadija Yobe.

When you first went to the movies, how did you feel?



As for me, I did not feel anything. Although at first, it was a little difficult for me when it came to the second time they saw how I did it and they were surprised because it seemed like I had just started.

Did you have issues with your parents when they heard you joined the Kannywood industry?

My father was very humble and happy seeing his daughter on the television.

How did you feel in most of the top Kannywood celebrities?

The fact that I found myself in them made me feel good, and then I saw that they had good relations with people.

What’s your mission in the industry?

Everyone has a dream, so I want to be enlightened through film because film conveys a message of enlightenment. It is also a profession that if one maintains one’s dignity, one will reap its benefits, but my goal is to enlighten people so that whoever takes what is shown in the film has a lesson in life in it.

Are you married?

Well honestly, I am not yet married.

Khadija Yobe Age

Khadija Yobe was born in 1995, she is 26 years old

Khadija Yobe Photos

Take a look at some lovely photos of Khadija Yobe

Khadija Yobe Biography, Age, Career, And Photos

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