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iShowSpeed Biography, Networth, Age, Nationality, Real Name, and Family: Darren Jason Watkins Jr. is the genuine face of the IShowSpeed YouTube channel. During the pandemic, he began making videos about gaming and other aspects of his daily life, unaware that his channel would receive millions of views and followers. Darren, an American adolescent boy from Ohio, was born on January 21, 2005. He spent his entire youth in his hometown with two younger brothers.

Darren has had a passion for gaming since he was a child, and his first video on YouTube was in 2018 during his school days when he posted a clip from NBA 2K18. He had a rocky start as a YouTuber but now has over 22 million subscribers.

Watkins has revealed his thoughts about education in his videos, claiming that it consumes a significant amount of time. Because of this, he is dropping out of school to work full-time on his now-famous YouTube channel. Darren is also well-known on other social media sites, including Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, and TikTok. He has 14 million followers on Instagram and 23 million on TikTok. Watkins is well-known for his live streams, and he has partnered with many other popular Twitch broadcasters, like Adin Ross, which has sparked controversy.


Personal Information


Name Darren Watkins Jr.
Profile Name RIShowSpeed or Speed
Date of Birth (Age) January 21, 2005 (19 years)
Date of Joining (YouTube) March 22, 2016
Schedule/Status Twice a week/Active
Net Worth $10 – $15 Million
Nationality American
Residence Los Angeles, California, US



Social Media Stats



Platform Followers/Subscribers
IShowSpeed – YouTube 22 Million Subscribers
Live Speedy – YouTube 7.7 Million Subscribers
Speedy Boykins – YouTube 1.5 Million Subscribers
IShowSpeed – TikTok 23 Million Followers
IShowSpeed – Instagram 14 Million Followers




Early Life and Career

When Darren first started his YouTube account in 2016, he didn’t upload any videos and didn’t plan on making it a job. In 2018, he posted the film on NBA 2K18, which did not do well at the time, leaving him dejected. However, Darren felt certain about his studies. He concentrated on football but also contemplated vocational school. Darren worked at a nursing home, delivering food to the old people, before pursuing a career in live streaming.

It was his friend who motivated him to upload content on YouTube, about what he loves. Darren got the chance during the pandemic to start his journey on YouTube. In April 2020, he uploaded videos related to NBA 2K20 and 2k21 that helped him gain a good amount of viewership. To stay in the YouTube business, he did live streams and played Fortnite, Five Nights at Freddy’s, and more. By mid-2020, Darren had over 100k subscribers, and as time went by, he turned into an internet sensation.

Darren also released his album ‘What Else IShowSpeed’ to grab more attention from viewers. His song, Shake, became contentious due to improper lyrics. Another incident Darren experienced was when he worked with Adin on a live webcast. During the live feed, he attacked Ash Kaash and made misogynistic comments. As a result, he was banned from Twitch for violating the rules and standards.

His priority is to grow his YouTube channel and curate music so that he may earn more love and support from his fans. Darren racked up millions of subscribers in just two years because of his interesting material and live streaming. He is also advertising different styles of clothes and selling them at affordable rates so that people can buy them easily.


IShowSpeed ’s Net Worth in 2024

The main source of income for Darren is through his YouTube ad revenue, TikTok live very impressive stream gifts, and Twitch views and donations. The estimated net worth of IShowSpeed as of January 2024 is $10–15 million. The other sources of income for Darren are paid promotions, TikTok, and merchandise. Through his album and brand collaborations, he has gained wealth as well.


Personal Life

Darren Watkins Jr. was born on January 21, 2005, in Cincinnati, Ohio. All information about Darren’s family has been kept under wraps, as he has not revealed anything about them. It was hard for Darren to make his parents understand what he as a YouTuber would do, and when he got 100k subscribers on YouTube, his mother gave him a cold reaction that made him upset. As per sources, Darren is single but there were rumors of him dating Ermony Renee. However, recently, he posted a video on his channel where he explained how his girlfriend ditched him and had an affair with someone else.


Content on YouTube

In this video, IShowSpeed exacts revenge on Talking Ben, and it is one of the most popular on his channel, Live Speedy. The video has over 220,000 likes and more than five million views.

His official music video, which was also contentious, had a large number of views. The video is available on his YouTube account, IShowSpeed, and has received 3 million likes.

This video is featured on his third YouTube account, Speedy Boykins, and it is one of his most popular since he received a $100,000 gift. In this video, he becomes very enthusiastic, and a PC falls on top of him as a result.

In this video, Darren’s new dog barks at him, and he asks the audience whether he should keep its name, Ben. This video is available on his channel, Live Speedy.


Interesting Facts

When he was active on Twitch before getting banned, he had over 170k followers.

The friend who convinced Darren to start creating content on YouTube has left the platform. However, Darren still aims to gain more love and support on the platform.


IShowSpeed in WWE

IShowSpeed, a YouTube superstar, has stated ‘everything is true’ following his ‘RKO’ by WWE Superstar Randy Orton at WrestleMania.

On Sunday night, the internet sensation, Darren Jason Watkins Jr., competed in WWE’s showcase event as part of the United States Championship bout.

Dressed as a bottle of PRIME, he escorted the current champion and owner of the energy drink brand, Logan Paul, to the ring as he faced WWE heavyweights Kevin Owens and Randy Orton.


Awards and nominations

In 2022, iShowSpeed won the Streamy Award for streamer of the year. He was nominated as the breakout streamer. In addition, he was nominated for the Streamy Awards (streamer of the year) as a variety streamer in 2023 and won.


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