Autonomous University of Barcelona Tuition and Admission

The Autonomous University of Barcelona is a public university in Cerdanyola del Vallès, Barcelona. The University consists of 57 departments among thirteen faculties/schools.

The university is known for offering top-notch education in a broad range of courses that satisfy societal demands and are modified to fit the new models of the Europe of Knowledge. Students are given exceptional practical experience through the university’s systems, which helps them be more prepared for the working world. UAB is globally recognized for its innovation and quality in research.


Universitat Autònoma De Barcelona

The acronym UAB is an abbreviation for Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona (Autonomous University of Barcelona). The university offers 81 bachelor’s degrees, all in English, in fields like business management and administration, economics, primary education, and tourism. The university’s large enrollment of students from overseas is proof that it welcomes international students.

Innovation, employability, and entrepreneurship are encouraged at UAB. In all fields of knowledge, it aims to promote research and transfer. It maintains close ties with the neighborhood’s commercial and industrial sectors as well as with nearby research institutions like the Alba Synchrotron Light Facility.

The institution actively promotes and supports its students’ involvement in volunteer work and community service, and has received awards from various organizations for these efforts. Additionally, it conducts awareness-building programs for college students.

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What School is UAB

UAB is an acronym for Universitat autònoma de Barcelona (in English: Autonomous University of Barcelona)


The Autonomous University of Barcelona Admission

International and native students are both admitted. On the website of the Autonomous University of Barcelona, students may apply online. Before receiving an admissions offer, incoming students must pass an entrance exam. For additional information regarding the application procedure, visit the Autonomous University of Barcelona Admission page.


Tuition fees at UAB

There is a set tuition fee of $1,750 for both undergraduate and graduate degrees at the Autonomous University of Barcelona. Both local and international students must pay the same tuition.


Universitat Autonoma De Barcelona Masters

More than 150 approved university master’s degrees are available from the UB in a variety of subject areas. The Master’s Degree program seeks to offer students a comprehensive, advanced-level education that is focused on both professional specialization and the beginning of original research. The university’s popular master’s courses include Physical Activity and education, Law, Environmental Agrobiology, Political Analysis, and institutional advisory, Aquaculture. To apply, go to the university’s master’s page link here.

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UAB Engineering School

A summer school run by the Autonomous University of Barcelona offers a variety of undergraduate and graduate courses. After the regular academic year is over, the summer school is held online from late June until mid-July. The courses, which are intensive programs with at least 40 contact hours spread over three weeks, are mostly taught in English.


UAB Math Department

The UAB Faculty of Science houses the mathematics department of the institution. The Department is in charge of providing math and statistics instruction to UAB centers, faculties, and schools to their needs and the established teaching curricula. It is in charge of planning and creating postgraduate and doctoral programs and courses.

  • The Department offers three Bachelor’s Degrees:
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Mathematics
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Applied Statistics
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computational Mathematics and Data Analytics

The Department also offers a Ph.D. in Mathematics. The goal of the Ph.D. program is to prepare researchers in statistics, applied mathematics, and basic mathematics to conduct high-quality research that will allow them to join new groups independently or perhaps start their own research groups.


English Bachelors Degree in UAB

The bachelor’s degree in English Studies from the Autonomous University of Barcelona will provide you with a thorough understanding of the linguistic, literary, and cultural aspects of English-speaking societies, from their historical roots to the most recent currents in thought and research.


The Autonomous University of Barcelona Sign In

Students can sign into the Autonomous University of Barcelona web by using their specific login and password.


UAB Medical School Ranking

The institution offers a medical degree through its Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. The program has a reputation for excellence and has consistently produced the greatest medical specialists. The medical program includes rotations and clinical experience for primary care and specialist care, and it also has a significant practical component.

Students can engage with professionals and patients thanks to the Faculty’s affiliation with numerous hospitals and medical centers. The University Faculty of Medicine is consistently ranked among the top medical schools in Spain and is the only institution to make the list of the top five medical schools worldwide. The English language is used to teach some of the course material. To apply, go to the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences at the Autonomous University of Barcelona.


UAB School of Medicine Student Portal

Medical students can log into the UAB portal using their username and password. New students will have to apply for a new username and password.


UAB Medical School Tuition

The university has three semesters. A Bachelor’s degree in university costs about $3,000 per year. The Master’s program is more expensive.


Autonomous University of Barcelona Gym

The Autonomous University of Barcelona is well equipped with infrastructural facilities. The campus has over 50,000 students and contains all the necessary services for the university community. These include residence halls, libraries, language learning centers, sports facilities, gyms, pools, football pitches, healthcare centers, restaurants, stores, and cafés.


UAB Mailing Address

Autonomous University of Barcelona Address is located at CARRETERA BELLATERRA, S/N 08290 Cerdanyola del Vallès, Espanya.



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