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Finding a new career path can be a difficult task, but at LVC, their staff understands prospective students’ needs and recognizes the difficulty in pursuing a new or more advanced career.

Las Vegas College professional and knowledgeable Admissions Representatives are always available and active to answer every question on life goals and new careers and will take time to find the right program based on aspirant interests and career objectives. LVC’s goal is to ensure every student finds the path that is right for them; making sure every student graduates.

Las Vegas College’s Admissions Representatives are also available to assist with the admissions process, helping prospective students to understand the admissions requirements, procedures, and deadlines. Admissions staff will then continue to be a resource to students throughout their time at Las Vegas College.

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Accountants are vital members of a business team. These financial professionals are responsible for monitoring the financial transactions of a wide range of businesses. As an Office Accountant with valuable professional certifications, you can be an important member of any company’s team.


Why train to receive your Accounting degree?

Businesses cannot run properly without a qualified professional who understands the importance of financial accountability and how to comply with financial reporting regulations. Accountants are business professionals who are responsible for monitoring the financial transactions and well-being of their company. These financial experts are detailed record keepers, processing and recording the accumulation and/or dispersal of company money. As an accountant, you can hold an important role at a company, ensuring that all of the money being processed by the business is accounted for in an accurate and fiscally responsible manner.


Why train at Las Vegas College?

At Las Vegas College, graduates are prepared to obtain a portfolio of relevant professional certifications upon graduation. Professional certifications demonstrate your knowledge and skill level to prospective employers, thereby increasing your employment opportunities. The Accounting program at Las Vegas College follows the National Association of Certified Public Bookkeepers (NACPB) and Accounting Training Unlimited (ATU) curriculum to prepare students for several professional certifications offered by the National Bookkeepers Association (NBA), including:

  • Bookkeeper Certification
  • QuickBooks Certification
  • Accounting Certification
  • Accounting Analysis Certification
  • Payroll Certification


The Accounting program at Las Vegas College offers a comprehensive introduction to modern accounting theories and principles and is designed to teach students the skills necessary to become employable in entry-level bookkeeping roles. Students learn to analyze and classify financial data, journalize and post transactions, and prepare financial statements. Students will gain confidence in identifying and communicating discrepancies or inconsistencies that may harm a business and learn to communicate valued information to help a business succeed. Once foundational principles are mastered, students learn to apply that theory to practical bookkeeping tasks using applications such as QuickBooks. Students at LVC also learn to use and develop an advanced knowledge of Microsoft Office applications.

Students in LVC’s Accounting program learn:

  • Accounting Fundamentals
  • Business Communication
  • Payroll Accounting
  • Tax Accounting
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Quickbooks
  • Microsoft Office
  • Microsoft Excel



The first step is to apply. After acceptance, students will receive information about orientation activities. Las Vegas College hosts a comprehensive orientation, at which time students receive information regarding class schedules.

If you’re ready to start your career in Accounting, then LVC’s program may be the right choice for you!



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